Thursday, May 31, 2007

Apathy and semicolons.

Yes... I'm apathetic. Apathetic about writing, apathetic about running, apathetic about lifting weights, and apathetic about my faith. Yes, I really am apathetic; very much so. Not to mention apathetic about the correct use of semicolons.

What to do to combat this apathy? Well, starting from the back and working forwards, I could actually DO quiet times. I could lift weights and do pushups occasionally, which I don't. I could run sometime maybe. And I need to start writing every day. Most important out of those being quiet times and writing; but the weight lifting and running are also good too. (Note the incorrect usage of the semicolon.)

Well here is me; writing; and it really is no good. I thought I used to be good; but maybe then I just had something to say. Now I really don;t. I really don;t have anything to say. Yet, I need to write. Write, write, write.

Now you see Goo ramble.

What I really should not have done is take all that time off from writing during the track season, as everything went downhill and off the cliff very, very rapidly.

Actually maybe I was not very good to begin with. I think I'll vote for the latter. It makes me feel better to know that I was sucky to begin with. Huzzah! I'm happy now!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

So about that "big mountainboarding session..."

No one showed. Nathan did, but the idea was to teach a whole bunch of new people. Well, that's snowboarders for ya.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Graduation party and the first day of work.

My party was awesome! Some sweet presents (an original sculpture/mountainboard holder, and a Trek shirt, along with loads of $$) and a fun time of hanging out with friends.

As for today, it was my first day of work for the summer, and it went rather well. And my writing sucks, but you'll have that.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Take one down, pass it around, 99 grad parties left to attend!!

Well, today is graduation! Yesterday I had my last class period, of highschool EVER, and it only took like 20 minutes or so. It is all rather sureal... nothing has really sunk in yet. But today is graduation, and after that, I am officially, completely, 100% done with highschool! Amazing, isn't it?

So my graduation party is this evening, at 5 o'clock. Almost everyone else is either having a party tonight, or sometime tomorrow; but I honestly don't feel like going to any. My mother said that I have to be at my own, which is understandable. Beyond that, I'll probably stop by my best friend's party for a bit, but that is going to be about all for me. I'll be sure to let you all know how my shindig went down.


Thursday, May 24, 2007

An early morning bike ride

The end of all things will be televised

Along with being an excellent Norma Jean song, much of what has made up my life over the past four years is coming to an end. Last night was my last night of work at IGA, after 4 years and 1 month of employment. Tonight was the senior banquet, and was host to a number of ULTRA-hilarious acts (I will never take Mr. V seriously EVER again!), along with the senior video. The video mostly showed my class during their elementary years and during prom (both of which are times when I was notably absent). Nevertheless, the end of my high school career was, in fact, televised. So yes, the end was televised.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Big Mountainboarding Session

So today I decided that on Memorial Day I am going to host a big "learn to ride" type session out at Levis Mound. I'm going to talk to a whole bunch of snowboarders I know, and I'm going to try to get them out there and let them finally check the sport out. I know they're going to love it, but I just need to get them on a board!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Spot guide update

I added Wildcat Mound, a Random gravel road, and the Bald Peak to the spot guide.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Majesty of God :: Old Randomer

The Majesty of God

By: Goo
Written: 1-9-06

Author’s note:
This is something of a mental image that I had while I listened to Francis Chan preach from Revelations 4. It is not like a vision I had or a dream or anything, but it is just kind of what I envisioned in my brain. But it is written from the first person view as if it actually happened.

I saw what looked like a molten glob of rock, a ways off in the distance. It looked like a rock, but it wasn’t. It appeared to pulse with life. It was mostly colored ruby red, but the red surface was broken up by a spiral of a diamond colored material which ran throughout the object. It floated above a colossal golden throne, which was flanked by two semi-circle ranks of 12 thrones each. Those thrones were also gold, but they were just puny play things compared to the might of the central seat. Upon each one of the lesser seats sat a human, each well advanced in age, and all crowned with gold. The entire area in which the throne resided was shrouded in an emerald-green light. From the central throne lightning spiked upward into the sky, lighting up the clouds and illuminating the whole scene. Accompanying each flash was a resounding “crash-boom.”

As I stated, the throne was a ways off, but visible. In between where I stood and the origin of the lightning there was a vast expanse of open area, a perfect mirror reflecting all the goings on in the sky. A light wind gently swept across my line of vision, and ripples appeared on the “mirror.” It is a good thing I didn’t step onto it. Hovering above the rather odd “water,” immediately in front of the throne, were seven bonfires of flame, which ascended into the sky. They also appeared to descend infinitely into the depths of the silvery expanse.

But as I gazed into the mirror the fascinating events unfolding there caught my eye. I looked up to the sky. And my jaw dropped. There were four creatures soaring through the skies above the glassy expanse. But all four of them were entirely comprised of optical orbs, that is, eyes. One resembled a lion, one resembled an eagle, one looked like a human, and one looked like a cow (of all things.) They each had six wings, with two they covered up their faces, another pair covered their feet, and the other two provided power for flight.

As they flew, they cried out “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty, Who was and is and is to come. The whole earth is full of His glory!”

“Who is this God?” I cried out to them.

“I Am,” came a deep voice which resonated from the powerful presence of the golden throne.

The flying lion swooped down and offered me a ride to the throne. The beating of its wings created ripples in the water as it waited for me to hop aboard its back. As we traveled across, the presence upon the throne seemed to grow and grow as we approached. I realized that it, or rather He, was further away than I had thought. At last we passed between the columns of fire, penetrated the green haze, and stopped at the foot of God’s throne. Immediately after my foot touched the stone I fell on my face, prostrate in his presence. The words “unworthy, dirty, filthy” ran through my head.

“I’m not worthy!” I screamed in despair and self-loathing. “I can’t approach You!”

But then, out from behind the throne stepped a man. He walked over to me and lifted up my head. I noticed that there were holes bored straight through his hands.

“You can approach me,” He said, “and I’ll pass whatever you say on to My Father.”

We went for a long walk down a street paved with gold and talked for hours. I’ve never met anyone like him.

The Periodic Table of the Elements :: Old Randomer

The Periodic Table of the Elements

By: Goo

Parchment. Ink. Letters. Words.
The Fundamental elements of writing.

Ideas. Thoughts. Feelings. Emotions.
These are the Elaborate elements of writing.

Therefore, Writing:
Is the expression of the Elaborate elements,
By the means of the Fundamental elements.

The Periodic Table of the Elements

What is It? :: Old Randomer

What is It?

Taken By: Goo

I bet you can't guess what this is a picture of! And no, it has not been modified or tampered with in any way.
What is it?

Do you know what it is?

Hangtime Photography :: Old Randomer

Hangtime: Photography

Taken By: Shmeges, AJ, Goo, or Nathan.

Me, Goo







He just finished with his hangtime, so this picture still counts!

Brent Skiing :: Old Randomer

Brent, Skiing

By: Goo



For the picture above and below this, I told Brent to "do something interesting." Well, it is interesting.
Image hosted by

Love VS Lust :: Old Randomer

Love VS Lust

By: Goo


Hmm... I think I’ll go check my email. Login... password? What password? Oh yeah I remember. Hmm... Ooo she’s hot... wait bad thoughts bad thoughts... stop stop. Ok here’s my inbox. Wait. Why is there a naked chick next to my email message? Oh wait, she’s wearing a bikini so its “ok.” Hmm what do I see if I can pull my eyes away from her boobs? Oh yeah a dating website... “Find True Love.” Hmm true love. What do I see here? Some sexy chick who I don’t even know. I’m not feeling love right now. I’m feeling lust. What is this? True love? More likely true sex. Do you think I’m going to click on this link to look for the love of my life? Probably not. I’d probably go looking for the hottest girl I can find. Is that true love? No! It is the most outrageous thing ever! It just abhores me to see how the world has fallen around us!

But that hasn’t even hit upon the worst part of the matter yet. Dating websites are one thing... but what about so-called “Christian” dating websites? They are just as guilty! The adds will say something like “Click here to look for sexy Christian singles.” So what, are you going to hook up with someone just because they’re good-looking? How shallow is that?! As Christians we should be better than the world... not going right along with it down into sin!

Absolutely appalling.

Special Olympics

Special Olympics

Taken By: Someone on the Special Olympics trip.

Image hosted by

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Image hosted by

All of these images were taken on the Special Olympics trip to Whitecap in early December.
To view large version, please click on the thumbnail.