Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Chapter 4

Chapter 4
Sir Shakka’s New Sword

By: Ben

Shakka shook Krysta’s hand and offered it to Byshakka, but the boy only looked at it with contempt.

“Sorry about that,” Krysta said. “My bro’s not very friendly. We’re two of the children of Lord Akka. Our brother, Kayrn, told us he would send more help after we got here, but none ever came.”

“The bastard’s trying to kill us,” Byshakka growled. “He never sends help. Not that we need it. This is the first time we’ve had to fight something with a magic shield. And why do you wear an apprentice’s robe?” he asked Cortan.

“You don’t believe I am an apprentice mage?” Cortan asked.

“If you can cast a dispel of that strength there’s no way you’re an apprentice!”

“All right, I’m a master mage, but I’m pretending to be weaker than I really am in order to fool people.

As they were talking, Shakka picked up the fallen Grikto’s weapon. The Big Sword, one of the legendary indestructible weapons, was 7 feet tall. Shakka picked it up and carried it back.

“Since you two killed the goblin, you should take this,” he offered the blade to the siblings.

“Why the hell would I want that thing?!” Byshakka exclaimed. “It’s at least 2 feet taller than me!”

“And I don’t need it either,” Krysta said, transforming her arm into a sword. “As you can see, I am a powersteel warrior.”

Powersteel warriors were rare. They were born as normal humans are, but are composed entirely of a strange metal, known as powersteel. At the age of 15, a powersteel warrior must go to the powersteel citadel, where they join the army. Most noted of their abilities is the inability to die. A mortal wound causes them to freeze in their fully metal form until they can be repaired.

“If you would come back to Whiterock with us for a while, we will give you food and thank you for your help,” Krysta told the two foreigners.

“And keep the sword,” Byshakka told them.

The four set off for the capital of the Stone Kingdom.

Near the remains of Clearrock, on the Diamond side of the border, was an army. A cloaked man rode up to the general of the army.

“My lord Zain,” he said, dismounting and bowing. “The young children of Akka killed all of the goblins, even Grikto. Not one goblin lives in this world any longer.”

“And the Big Sword?” the general asked.

“A silver knight took it,” the spy said.

“Dammit,” Zain hissed. “But it was a small price to pay to capture this wide swath of the Stone Kingdom.”

“May I have my payment, lord Zain?” the spy asked.

“But of course.” As the general spoke, a wind blew his cloak back, revealing his full body armor to be made entirely of bone. His skin was pale in contrast to his short dark hair. Zain uttered a spell-“REND”- and the spy fell dead. Then Zain spoke a second spell-“RISE”-and the spy stood up and walked into the ranks of the undead army.

“And now,” Zain roared. “To claim the goblins for our undefeatable army!”

The few living soldiers cheered as the Diamond army moved to claim a part of the Stone Kingdom.

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