Friday, May 26, 2006

Archive by Topic

The Official Launch of the "Archive by Topic" Pages.

By: Goo.

This little blurb is being written to highlight the official release of the first "Archive by Topic" page. The first one is (drum roll please) "Mountainboarding." Don't tell me you didn't see that coming. Mountainboarding is the natural choice because

A: The majority of Randomer material deals with mountainboarding.
B: It is the only one done.
C: It is the only one started

It is also my intention that all of the Archive by topic pages be visitable by a direct external link. So it'll be:[insert name of topic here]
So for the mountainboarding one, it is:

Oh yes, I almost forgot, the main access point for these pages will be from the archive page. As you well know, you can visit the Archive page by clicking on the link to the left. If you go there, you will notice that all the "Archive by Topic's" are at the top, and that the normal "Comprehensive Archive" is below that. (The comprehensive archive will continue to be updated monthly.

Feel free to post any feedback about this website update.

The next archive by topic section will probably have something to do with all the fictitious stories published on Randomer.

Friday, May 12, 2006

The Future

The Future

By Goo


I’m writing to tell you the path computers will take in the future, at least as it relates to schools and students.

In the immediate future, students (and even adults) will carry around some sort of external hard drive, with at least a terabyte of capacity with them wherever they go. Prior to this everyone will have been carrying laptops around highschools, but people will have realized how impractical it is to carry a laptop to all your classes, to the public library after school, maybe to work, and then home, to your friends house... No, it just won’t be convenient. So they will all take to carrying a terabit hard drive with them wherever they go. For highschoolers, the computers will be built straight into the desks. But they won’t have anything on them. Instead, the student will plug in their external harddrive, and all the students files, programs, and even their operating system of choice will automatically boot off of their hard drive. The only storage built into the actual computers will be just enough to house the program that boots the hard drive, and the rest will be RAM. It is even possible, probably probable, that the students will just be able to keep their HD’s in their pockets, and then just flick a switch to “transmit,” so that it transmits wirelessly from their pocket. Then, they’ll boot up the computer, choose from a list of nearby hard drives the one that is theirs, and log in with a user name and password. This will effectively eliminate the need to have to plug it in each time. You could just keep it in your wallet or something, and go from computer to computer with out even thinking about it!

Of course, this is before everything goes holographic. Once that happens, this will all be obsolete.

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Friday, May 5, 2006

Thoughts from a cliff top

Thoughts From a Cliff Top

By Goo


Well here I am, taking a break from mountainboarding and sitting on top of a good sized cliff. The clouds cleared up pretty good about 15 minutes ago, and now the sun's just a blazing down.

I love mountainboarding. You can go from adrenaline pumping action to relative solitude in seconds. If it wasn't for all the noise from highway 95, it would be like totally quiet.

But it isn't.

No wonder my fear of heights has diminished so much over the years. I do random stuff like this all the time. I've kinda confronted my fears and overcome them.

For a bit there I was just lying down with my head over the edge. That felt cool. Mainly, because this a big ole cliff, and most of the section that I am sitting on juts out away from the main cliff. So if you look over the edge, you can't see the bottom of the cliff. It's pretty eerie. But an extremely cool feeling.

I wonder if I should go back to riding? Nah, its just perfect up here! Yeah, the clouds are really dispersing nicely, now. It was so gloomy when I got out here!

Ha! The clouds are just about right to make cloud shadows. You know what I'm talking about: when you can look out over the landscape and see darkened areas where the clouds are blocking out most of the sunlight. Hey! There's a big one right next to me!

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