Sunday, April 29, 2007

Metal Hubs, version 2

Friday, April 27, 2007

Downhill Deprived

I have been very busy and it has very severely affected the amount of time I’ve gotten to mountainboard. So severely, in fact, that I haven’t done any serious off-road riding this year. It’s April 27th for cripes sakes! My brain, my body, and my soul are telling me that I need to go and roll down some hills sideways.

This weekend I am going to get at least one long session of singletrack mountainboarding in, if not more. I need to get out there and get dirty. I need to get out there and get bloody! Yeah, I’m ready to ride!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The bottomside of my deck

bottomside of my deck

PS I turned this in for a photography assignment a while back. My instructor said that it should have been cropped just a hair more to reduce some of the dead area (or something to that effect).

Monday, April 16, 2007

Days out Skiing, 07-08 Season

These are all the days that I skied last season... and I don't think there are going to be any more.

Skiing 06-07: 43 days

No Snow:
10/20/06 Back Yard
11/1/06 Levis Mound
11/5/06 Levis Mound
12/9/06 Hiking: skiing at Bruce Mound
12/10/06 Hiking: skiing at Bruce Mound
12/15/06 Skiing at Bruce Mound
12/16/06 Skiing and snowboarding at bruce mound.
12/17/06 Skiing and snowboarding at bruce mound
12/22/06 Skiing at bruce mound
12/24/06 Skiing at bruce mound

12/26/06 Skiing at bruce mound
12/27/06 Skiing at indianhead mountain
12/28/06 Skiing at bruce mound
12/29/06 Skiing and snowboarding at bruce mound.
12/30/06 Skiing at bruce mound
1/12/07 Skiing at bruce mound
1/13/07 Skiing at bruce mound
1/14/07 skiing at bruce mound
1/15/07 skiing at levis mound
1/19/07 skiing at bruce mound

1/20/07 skiing and snowboarding at bruce mound
1/21/07 skiing at bruce mound
1/26/07 skiing at whitecap
1/27/07 skiing and snowboarding at bruce mound
1/28/07 skiing and snowboarding at bruce mound
2/2/07 skiing at bruce mound
2/9/07 skiing at bruce mound
2/10/07 skiing at bruce mound
2/11/07 snowboarding at bruce mound
2/16/07 skiing at bruce mound

2/17/07 skiing at bruce mound
2/18/07 skiing at bruce mound
2/24/07 skiing at mount bohemia
2/25/07 skiing at indianhead mountain
3/02/07 skiing at bruce mound
3/03/07 skiing at bruce mound
3/4/07 skiing at bruce mound
3/9/07 skiing and snowboarding at bruce mound
3/11/07 skiing at bruce mound
3/16/07 skiing at bruce mound

3/17/07 skiing at bruce mound
3/18/07 skiing at bruce mound
4/14/07 skiing at Mount Bohemia

Saturday, April 14, 2007

It's early...

It's 1:48 AM right now, which you could tell by the timestamp, and I'm getting ready to head to Bohemia. It is also the 14th of April, which you could tell by the date thingy at the top, and I haven't skied in about a month. Now, I'm going to be skiing Bohemia for potentially two days. I hope I don't kill myself!

Friday, April 13, 2007



PS I turned this in for a photography assignment a while back.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Busy Schedulite

If you didn't believe that I was really busy with, well, pretty much everything... the fact that I haven't found time to put together a monthly update is a true testament to my business.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Running like there's a demon chasing me

Written 3/31/07.

I've decided that since I suck at track, that I am going to begin working out in the mornings before school. However, my morning work out will be more than just running. It will include a spiritual workout (devos), pushups, and crunches.

Today (Saturday) was my first time doing that morning workout. I was planning on mountainboarding or biking in the afternoon, but it just started raining harder than a diamond, so that pretty much put the kabosh on that idea.

Anyhow, right now I feel extremely downhill deprived. I really really really want to mountainboard. I also really really want to mountainbike, and I really want to run. The question is, should I run in the morning and board after church, or bike in the morning and still board after church, or... switch any of the options around whichever way you like. My basic problem is that I currently find myself without enough time for all of my sports, not to mention my writing. What do I do?

I settled on the bike before church and board afterwards option. I got a 21.5 mile bike ride in, but I froze my fingers off doing it. It rained pretty much all day, so I did not get a great deal of boarding in. When I did decide to try boarding, I got rained on again.