Monday, September 26, 2005

Essence of the Turn

The Essence of the Turn


I haven’t mountainboarded in a while... and it’s really getting to me. I went mountainBIKING two days ago, but I haven’t boarded in, like, a week. I’m gonna have to go Tuesday or Wednesday, because I won’t be able to ride this weekend. There’s just something about carving up a dirt hill that is so individual to this sport. Sure, you can bomb hills on a mountainbike, but the essence of the turn is greatly diminished. It’s time to get down and dirty!

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Friday, September 23, 2005

Displace Mullets Appear on Calendars

Displaced Mullets Appear on Calendars


When the manipulatives of the core power unit to the nuclear plant were adjusted, the descendants of these fools had an education in mullet displacement. Oh, they need help! They should have learned that the slope of the mullet is, in fact, greatly affected by their horoscopic calendar kit. Thankfully, for the good of the people, the warriors in the hoodies made sure to “take care” of their connections.

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