Monday, November 27, 2006

The Advent of Winter

The Advent of Winter

By Goo

Written 11/27/06

I have a hard time summing up in words what the advent of the ski season really means to me. Right now it feels as if I'm just killing time: everything I do is just a way to distract myself as the days slip away and December swings into view.

So when it finally hit me that this Friday is the 1st of December, my brain just seemed to reel because... I'm not ready! I've got to get something in the way of ski pants lined up, and I need to get my skis tuned.

For a while those things loomed in my subconscious like big nasty monsters which wouldn't let me ski until I had dealt with them, but as I analyzed these problems they no longer seem quite so threatening.

Problem #1:
No ski pants.
Simple solution:
My mom has drawers bursting with wind-pants. All I really need to do is go up to her and say "Hey Mom, do you have something I could use for ski pants?" As long as I'm skiing I don't really give a crap what I look like.

Problem #2:
Skis not tuned.
Simple solution:
Do nothing. In seasons past I have done early-season skiing without getting my skis tuned since the previous season. They'll get attended to in the near future; there's no reason to fret.

Now all we need is some cold weather so they can make some snow! Some snow... my kingdom for some snow!

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Friday, November 24, 2006

what should i do with my life?

I am so un-creative. Not creative. Not creative at all. See, Randomer just lies there dormant, (mainly because the website is down) and It is just ready and waiting to display something intensely interesting. But since I am so unutterably lame and have spent the last three days hunting, watching Battlestar Galactica, and reading Dragonsblood, I have absolutely nothing to post there (even if I could.) This fantastically un-creative un-intensely un-interesting blog post will most likely get posted once the server gets back online (when my fam. gets home and powercycles the modem.) But on that note I have overcome the obstacle of not being able to post updates from places other than the computer that Randomer is hosted on with a neat little FTP server. So if anyone needs to uplaod something to a random FTP site for some reason, I've got one.

Time to start a new paragraph. Well what do you want me to say? It just needed to be done. I couldn't continue to ramble aimlessly in the same paragraph, I just had to start a new one so that this rediculousness appears more organized.

(SEE! This (see above) is proof I am not and never could be a writer.)

Which brings up the problem of what I should do with my life. So I ask you: what should I do with my life? Yeah, I don't know either. I know I have to figure it out for myself, buy I was just wondering if you had any input.

Thanks much.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

brown is down

Brown is Down.

Well I finally got my deer: it was a pretty nice sized doe. The preasure is off for the rest of the week. I bagged my deer, now I can relax a bit more. Of course, my dad and I still have 4 tags to fill so we have plenty of shooting left to do. But now the pressure's off.

What else? There isn't much more.

Monday, November 20, 2006


A lot has happened since I have taken the time to sit down and write anything. I have finally legally become an adult. I spent a weekend at Arrowhead Bible Camp washing dishes. I watched the whole first season of Alias in under a week. It is currently gun deer season. A lot is going down.

I have been feeling entirely way too overwhelmed to do anything much creatively Randomer related. The website has moved (incase you didn't notice), and some other behind-the-scenes stuff has taken place that may help in the long run.

I have been having the inklings of a good many deep thoughts recently, but I have been so busy and worn out and sick that I haven't had much time to pay attention to them. I promise that sometime in the near future some interesting sort of writing will appear on Randomer. But until that time, check out the archives, or read a good book. I actually just started a book (the first one that I've started on my own since the onset of the school year.) It is pretty good thus far.


Sunday, November 5, 2006

FAQ in Disguise

F.A.Q. in Disguise

By Goo

Q: What is Randomer?

A: Randomer is a website where I publish my writings, videos, and photographs as well as those of others who wish to contribute. It is basically an outlet for all of my creative energies.

Q: Why the name "Randomer?"

A: All the websites that I have worked on prior to this one have always had a specific topic, and I always wanted to add other nonrelated stuff. Now this website, this website is so random that it's Randomer. It's perfect!

Q: What is Randomer about?

A: Have you not been paying attention? randomer is about absolutely anything and everything! That's what makes it so great!

Q: Why is it designed with frames?

A: Please see one of my first articles ever: "Why Frames?"

Q: What can I do to get involved with Randomer?

A: There are a whole load of ways that you can get involved:
1. Be sure to get on the monthly email update list by emailing me
2. You can post whatever you want on the message board: comments on articles; your own writings; links to your videos, pictures, blog, myspace, or website; or post absolutely anything else you want.
3. You can also email me one of your writings or pictures or videos for publication as an official Randomer article. I haven't turned anyone down yet!
4. Visit the Link to Us page and spread some of the banners around.
5. Just read some articles, and enjoy!

Q: Why is the title of this article: "F.A.Q. in Disguise?"

A: Because these aren't actually frequently asked questions. I don't usually get asked questions, so I'm making up questions that I might possibly get asked, and then answering them. Actually, I'm constantly doing things like this in my head. For instance, I'll imagine a situation that I might find myself in, and I'll work it all out in my head: what I'll say, what I'll do, how the other parties will react, and so on and so forth. In reality, those circumstance don't often end up playing out half as well as I imagined they would. But every now and then, something turns out better than expected. That's always a pleasent surprise.

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